Our Engineering team follows series of proven and well established iterative process to create a successful project with well defined and functional product/s.

Basic and Detailed Process Design Package

Basic Design

Establishing design requirements are the major task covered under Basic Design. The Basic design is the preliminary stage, which drive the project from conceptual stage to the detailed design.The design requirements control the design of final project outcome. These include basic things like the functions, attributes, and specifications - determined after assessing user requirement. Design requirements include hard and soft specifications and testability of the same.

Deliverables of Basic Design from various cross functional teams are as below.

* Project Quality Plan – Project Execution & Management

* Project Schedule – Project Execution & Management

* Process Flow Diagram – Process Design & Engineering

* Piping & Instrumentation Diagram – Process Design & Engineering

* Major Component List – Process Design & Engineering

* Piping Specs – Process Design & Engineering

* Vessel Design Specs – Process Design & Engineering

* Hardware & Software Design Specs – Automation Design & Engineering

* Automation Architecture – Process Design & Engineering

* System Layout – Process Design & Engineering

Detailed Design

Following Basic Design is the Detailed Design phase, which consists of procurement of materials as well. The Detailed Design further elaborates each aspect of the project/product by complete description through solid modeling, drawings as well as specifications.

Deliverables of Detailed Design from various cross functional teams are as below.

* Electrical Schematics & Electrical Panel Drawings – Electrical Design & Instrumentation Engineering

* Functional Design Specification – Automation Design & Engineering

* Vessel GA Drawings – Process Design & Engineering

* 3D Modeling & System GA Drawing – Process Design & Engineering

* Procurement of Components

Production Phase

Following Detailed Design is the Production phase, which consists of Software Program Development, manufacturing of Vessels, Piping, Skids & Integration of the same. This Phase realizes each aspect of the project/product in real time.

* Finished System with complete piping skid & electrical/pneumatic connections – Manufacturer

* Finished Software downloaded to the PLC – Automation Design & Engineering

Inspection and Test Phases

Design and Production phases are stringently monitored/inspected and tested wherever necessary to ensure the Quality of the project/product. Guidelines of ASME BPE, GAMP, cGMP, GDP, FDA are used to ensure the safety & quality of the product.

Various Phases of inspection and tests are given below.

* Material Incoming Inspection

* Weld Inspections

* Control Cabinet inspections

* Software Bench Test

* Installation and Operational Test of Systems

* Calibration checks